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The idea of painting and refurbishing furniture was born on the 3rd July 2015, with an old piece of furniture collecting dust in my garage. It was something I had so much fun with, I kept on going until I had so many pieces that I didn’t know what to do with them!

After careful consideration, I decided to start selling the pieces I’d done up and this is when Dusty Drawers was created.

It was at the Uvongo Flea Market, where my partner, Jason and I setup our Dusty Drawers stall every Saturday and displayed our items.  Together Jason and I are the perfect power pair. His talents are so multifaceted; he paints, draws, does wood work and sign writing, while I focus on breathing new life into old, weathered items, also doing some basic woodwork in between.

Dusty Drawers eventually outgrew the Flea Market and began supplying stock for various Craft Stores and Shops on a consignment basis.

Although my Tjhoko journey is only just beginning, it has completely transformed my life.The first Tjhoko colours I owned were Dav’id and Comfort Blue, this is where my love for the brand blossomed.  Truthfully my journey with Tjhoko really began when I received a box of paints after Jason emailed Tjhoko explaining my love and passion for their products. To this day, I am unbelievably grateful.

I’m addicted to bright, bold vibrant colours and designs and one can’t help but feel inspired and excited by Tjhoko’s variety. Their products are stunningly unique and so user-friendly they unlock a level of creativity in people that drives artistic expression outward from the heart. I am wholeheartedly thankful to be a part of the Tjhoko Family, and to take my work to greater heights.