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Below are two links that will assist you with the application of the paint on fabric.

Ensure that you are working on a natural fabric item, like suede or cotton, and not something that is synthetic. Always keep in mind that paint will change the texture of the fabric. We always recommend painting a small section and test first. 

Tips:  Never dilute the paint with water.

There is no need to apply a sealant or Clear Glaze afterwards.

Care instructions:  Hand wash in cold water.

Hand dry means that when you touch it, no paint should come off. 

The 1st link shows you the application onto an ottoman. The 2nd link shows the application of the paint onto a table runner. Both fabric applications are towards the end of the content clips. On a loose item such as a runner or tablecloth, iron on the back more or less 2 hours after the painting has been completed.