The Christmas holidays are a time of excitement, homesickness and colour. It’s an emotion-filled period when people like to recall old memories and create new ones. Special moments with loved ones are celebrated, and with a new year just around the corner, our wishes are for a bright, colourful future.

Photos By: Hanneri De Wet. Presented by Ideas Magazine.

What could possibly be more special than a beautifully wrapped gift? If the ‘jacket’ brings us joy, the contents are not that important – the gift still speaks of loving care and attention. Our presents are wrapped in home-made gift wrap stencilled with Tjhoko shades like Godfrey’s Glimpse, Karema, Kaylee’s Candy and Dumisa’s Dream. Sheets of brown paper and unprinted newspaper were folded open and a Tjhoko stencil was placed on them before a sponge roller was used to apply the paint over the stencil. Use minimal paint and make sure the sponge roller spreads it out evenly – the drier the roller and the more even the paint, the neater the final product will be as the paint won’t leak in under the stencil.

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