The first photo is how the room looked when we bought the house. We removed the ugly cupboards and painted the wall a deep blue as seen the second image. There were some issues with the previous owners building, so the wall kept cracking. We have now rectified the problem and did the makeover as seen in the rest of the images.

  1. The feature wall was painted by Hanlie from Urban Chalk. Colours used: J’co mixed with Matt Black, Lourain’s  Cream and very small amount of Reddish Mellow.
  2. The suede cube was painted with J’co mixed with Matt Black.
  3. The mirror was painted using stonewash, J’co and matt black.
  4. Rest of the walls was painted with a Tjhoko and PVA mix. We used a white pva for a base and mixed stonewash and a bit of J’co to create a lovely light grey/blue colour for the walls.

We just love the mix of colours. This room creates a serene feeling like you are floating in the clouds. Thank you for an amazing product that makes makeovers affordable.

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