1. Handpainted Spindle Chair, Black is Beautiful! Painted in Matt Black, Bright, Frik’s Forest, Dumisa’s Dream and Dav’id.


  1. Chalkboard, Made from an old picture frame. Painted with Matt Black, Nade and Am’s Rose Gold, used one of Tjhoko’s incredible boarder stencils with Stencil of Paris.


  1. Handpainted Welcome Sign, Handmade from pallet wood, Tjhoko colours used Matt Black, Frik’s Forest, Dav’id, Dumisa’s Dream


  1. Vintage Side Tables, breath New Life into old pieces with Tjhoko. Painted in Olivia’s Pale and Amon’s Aubergine, craft card applied using Tjhoko clear glaze.


  1. Frida Kahlo Mixed Media Suitcase, a little bit of everything all rolled into one! Tjhoko products used Tjhoko clear glaze, Tjhoko antique brown glaze, Reddish Mellow, Karema, Davi’d, Olivia’s Pale, Tjhoko leaf stencil, Tjhoko Moroccan tile stencil and Stencil of Paris. Serviettes, Sheet music and Tissue paper applied with Tjhoko’s clear glaze.

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  1. Hi Trish, may I ask whether you used a brush, roller or was it sprayed on to achieve such a smooth finish on your vintage side tables? I especially love the Amon’s Aubergine. How many coats of paint and clear glaze did you use? You really did an amazing job.

    1. Hello Leon.

      Side tables were painted with two coats of Tjhoko (Amon’s Aubergine and Olivia’s Pale) I used a Tjhoko Hamilton’s Ensign Brush, they are perfect for a flawless application. The design on the tops of the tables are decopaged craft paper, cut to size and applied using the Tjhoko clear glaze (diluted three part glaze to one part cool boiled water) the tables are then sealed with the Tjhoko clear glaze which gives it that gorgeous finish.

      Heartfelt thanks + Kind Regards, Trish ❤

  2. Hi Trish

    Thank you for your advice. It really looks very professionally done and I can’t wait to get supplies and start on a project. My biggest dilemma is which of the amazing colours to choose – I keep flip-flopping between several of the colours.

    Regards, Leon

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