Tjhoko’ers, spring is in the air! 🎨🌸
Tjhoko Products used:
πŸ’œ Painted the entire piece in Davi’d
πŸ’œ Protea design is Tjhokopage using the Tjhoko clear glaze
πŸ’œ Stencil of Paris on the top and bottom doors
πŸ’œ Tjhoko Leaf Stencil 2020-30×30-8
πŸ’œ Painted over in Neo’s New
πŸ’œ Used my mouse sander to sand doors to raw wood and distress edges
πŸ’œ Feet and inside painted in Amon’s Aubergine
πŸ’œ Kaylee’s Candy used on the latches and lip of shelves inside
πŸ’œ Jane’s Jade used on inner doors as well as the front trim around the glass
πŸ’œ Inside bottom doors Stencil 30×30-20
πŸ’œ Blend of Amon’s Aubergine and Davi’d for stencil work
πŸ’œ Entire piece sealed with Tjhoko clear glaze
πŸ’œ Painted with Tjhoko Hamilton’s Ensign Brushes 50mm and 38mm
πŸ’œ Artists Brushes #2 and #10 used

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