I have done a few projects around the house, dining room sideboard, another sideboard that we have changed to a TV stand and entrance hall table. I have always used very light and plain colours. So for this dressing table, I wanted to do something different. I wanted to try something new. 
I picked the colour, J’co. I loved the colour, but I didn’t want to distress it, because I’ve been doing that with all my projects. I wanted to try something else and new for me. 
So I got Matt black, and with a very wet cloth, dabbed some black onto it, and just rubbed the dressing table, and then went over it with a dry cloth. I couldn’t believe the outcome. It was amazing. 
I use a dead matt, liquid sealer. 
And these amazing handles just suit the colour of the dressing table. 
I absolutely love how this piece came out. 

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