Barbara’s Story

“From an early age I have been fascinated  with drawing people (especially fairies, mermaids and angels). I have always used oil paints as a medium for my art, however oil paints take very long to dry and the fumes can cause nausea and dizziness. I used oil paints for many years until I came across Tjhoko. 

When I was first introduced to Tjhoko, I started painting everything in sight, furniture, doors, walls, even my pots and pans. This got me thinking, if and how I can use Tjhoko for my art. I was inspired by all the beautiful colours and I loved that each colour had a name. I remember that I couldn’t wait to paint an angel wearing a “Real Red” dress. I was hooked. 

I love the way in which Tjhoko allows me to use paints, stencil of paris and decoupage in combination with one another. I love that it dries quickly and doesn’t have any fumes. I love that the glaze is UV resistant, protecting my art from fading when exposed to the sun. The variety of stencils allows endless possibilities for creating something unique every time. 

I posted my first angel on the Tjhoko Facebook page. That post changed my life.  Messages started streaming in from people who wanted to place orders for their own angels. It was never my intention to start a business but I was blessed so abundantly with orders and beautiful messages, I just couldn’t say no. Thanks to the amazing Tjhoko product range, I can now do what I love, everyday! I am living my dream! 

Descriptions with each image:

This angel was dreamt up when I ordered my first bottle of “Pebble Shadow”. The stencil I used is “Time to Love”. I wanted her to represent self-love… “Time to love yourself”. 

Angel wearing a “Real Red” dress, was inspired by someone who asked me to create an angel that reminded her of her daughter and her wish for her daughter, being Psalm 91. 

“Faith” is wearing a “Nade” dress, softened with “Da’vid”. Stencil of paris decorates her dress, creating texture and contrast. 

“Hope” is wearing “Reddish Mellow”, with a combination of stencil of paris, softened with touches of “Da’vid”, creating an interesting look.

Happy little sunflower Angel, is wearing “Vinia Stone” and “Da’vid”. She was created with the intention to brighten someone’s day, whenever they see her. 

Pink haired Angel. The colour pink represents friendship, affection, harmony, inner peace and approach ability. “Reddish Mellow” is the sweet side of the colour red.”

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  1. Angela Kelley says:

    How do I get hold of Barbara to order some of her angel works.
    Is she still selling them & what is the cost. Thank you
    Kind regards Angie

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