This melamine kitchen was given new life by Anna-Marie who used Lebo’s Light to brighten up the space.

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  1. Hallo julle

    Ek het n view laai, laaikas wat ek wil tjhoko. Rofweg, hoeveel liter sal ek nodig he?

    Dankie baie

    1. Hi Sonya
      Thank-you so much for making contact with us, below is the coverage of our paint quantities, for you to work out how much you need: 1Litre does – 8 square meters one coat.
      500ml does- 4 square meters one coat
      250ml does – 2 square metres one coat You are always going to need to paint two coats depending on the colour of the chest of drawers three coats might be needed. Things to note when using a Tjhoko’s yellow, Red or White colour paints to paint over a dark surface.

      1. Clean the surface properly by washing it off with Lacquer Thinners.
      2. Wait 20-40 minutes for the Lacquer thinners to dry.
      3. Depending on the surface you are painting you can either use a Paint Brush, Foam roller or Mohair roller.
      ( For large flat surfaces use a Mohair roller. For Kitchen cupboards a foam roller is better to use. ) paint a base coat in Stone Wash and allow to dry.
      4. Ensure that your applicator is clean a dry and that the base coat has dried properly before you start painting on top of your base coat with White, Yellow or Red Tjhoko Paint colours.
      5. Very important is to allow for each coat of paint to dry completely before applying the next coat.

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