DIY Terrazzo Drawers

What you’ll need:


Tjhoko products used:



  1. Clean furniture with lacquer thinners
  2. Paint two layers of the desired color as your base.  Theresia used Pholoso on the outer pieces, and Cloud White on the drawers.  Leave to dry.

Preparing Terrazzo:

Use a plastic surface with a “gladwrap” feel, generously apply 2 x coats of paint on a roughly 20cm x 20cm surface.  Let it dry.  Tore it off the plastic and make it into triangle-like shapes, nothing should be perfect. 

Do this with all the colors.

When you are ready to stick Terrazzo pieces onto drawers, use a paintbrush with Clear Glaze as your glue.  Have fun!!!

Finish off with Clear Glaze over everything.

Seal with Clear Glaze.


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