1. Remove all chairs from their legs.
  2. Thoroughly clean with lacquer thinners.
  4. I started with painting the bottoms first, 3 coats the get a perfect cover… don’t skimp with the paint of your roller or you’ll have a streaky finish!
  5. Once completely dry carefully reattach the seats to the legs… be careful because you could scuff off the paint if you’re not!
  6. I then applied 3 coats on the tops of the seats
  7. I did notice that because of the metal bits under my table that the paint would scuff off where it made contact. I then diluted clear glaze and applied two coats to the tops of the chairs with a lightly damp microfibre cloth. And viola! New chairs!
  1. Remove drawers and doors and all the hardware attached to them. Including handles and hinges and rails.
  2. Clean frame, top, drawers and doors thoroughly with lacquer thinners and wait to dry for about 45min to an hour.
  3. I applied 3 coats of Matt black to the frame and table top, as well as the inside front facing structural pieces (not the shelf though)
  4. I mixed 3:1 of Elvis Mix and Cloud white to get a shade that was similar to a wood grain in the wood-look adhesive roll that I wrapped the dining table with.
  5. I applied 3 coats to the drawer faced, and sides of the drawers.
  6.  I painted the rails of the drawers in Matt black as they looks very dull. This took about 3 coats too to make sure it was nice and even.
  7. Paint doors in 3 coats of Matt black all round. Front and back.
  8. I then mixed some Matt black paint with stencil of paris. I cannot give exact measurements here as it was a trial and error for a big part causing lots of waste as I made the paste too thin… all I can tell you is that it does not need to be a lot of paint mixed in with the stencil of paris. It still needs to be quite firm and fortunately it did dry nice and dark still.
  9. I taped down the caleidoscope stencil to the drawers with masking tape to secure and then pasted the black stencil of paris on to the sides of the drawers… I left it over night to dry and carried on the next day.
  10. Reattach the drawer hardware and placed them back in the unit.
  11. I used the 3:1 ratio of paint that I mixed for the drawers to do the same stencil on the boarder on the inside of the doors. I did this with a stencil brush and by dabbing most of the paint into a cloth to prevent bleeding. I succoured the stencil with masking tape the same way I did with the drawers.
  12. Reattached the doors and bobs your uncle!
And just like that a whole new dining area was created!

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